5 Ways To Show Your Kitchen Some Love…


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#1.  COOK

There’s a certain sense of pride that comes along with serving your family a meal and utilizing that stainless steel jungle looming in the center of your home.  You can’t truly love something you don’t fully understand, right?  That might be a little deep when referring to the difference between the High and Low settings on your oven’s broiler but there’s some truth there…right?  Reclaim your kitchen and get in there!  If you’re feeling really ambitious break out the recipe book or turn on a cooking channel for some inspiration.  I happened upon this recipe one Saturday morning when I bought myself an extra hour of peace and quiet by pretending I was still asleep (my husband…the wonderful man, made the kids breakfast).

‘Chickpea and Tomato Penne Pasta.’ It’s healthy, tastes amazing,  involves the use of fresh herbs (which is always exciting) and can be modified by adding some chicken or an extra dash of crushed red pepper. Super cheap to make and so filling! Get inspired…try it out!



How many times have you stopped at the store on the way home from work for a jar of spaghetti sauce only to find one hidden in the back of your pantry when you get home? Get organized…disorganization leads to stress, stress leads to avoidance and avoidance leads to Chinese take-out.  Fall back in love with your kitchen…find out what you’ve got hiding in there and fill it with things you love!  Donate what you’re not using and throw out empty boxes and out-of-dates.  One of the best ways to get organized and stay that way is to make labels…

Though you may think labeling things is “anal,” labeling is an effective means of communication. “Labeling gives items an official place in the home,” says Marrero. “When you are sharing a space, it’s important for everyone to know where things belong.” Even better, labels not only teach your kids to pick up after themselves, they can help with their reading skills, too.

 Michele Borboa, MS/via Health & Wellness

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Pretty things are more enjoyable to be around…no expert advice needed there.  Undertake a DIY backsplash…maybe hit up IKEA for some cute cutlery holders or a new vase…and buy some cheap flowers to put in it (real ones girls)!  Remove the door from one of your cabinets or replace one with a glass panel and show off some of your favorite kitchen things!  Who wouldn’t love that!

Walking into the same kitchen day in and day out makes this important room in your house easy to ignore.  Just like you would change the bedspreads in your bedroom or the throw pillows on your couch…update your kitchen in small ways to make it feel fresh and inviting!

original_stainless-backsplashes-mosaic-sink_s4x3_lg  shutters-in-kitchen-bhg0842267lrglass-front-cabinets-l

HGTV, Southern Living, Better Homes & Gardens, Kitchen Building


So, this has been the hardest one for me but it’s been my most favorite part of the kitchen/dining room to show some extra love to…and has produced the best results!  It’s your table;  the place where you share food and indulge in conversation with the most important people in your life…your family!  One of my favorite things about the holidays is sitting around a beautifully decorated table with the people closest to me, laughing…enjoying good company and good food…it’s literally feeding your soul as well as your body!  Why not try an incorporate that feeling  into everyday life?  That doesn’t mean you need to pull out the fine linens and China but a new tablecloth…a brightly colored bowl and some chunky candlesticks?  Make your table inviting…


Pottery Barn


Better Homes & Gardens


If you have a home office, many times that space has been claimed by the man of the house.  Why not take advantage of the kitchen…it’s close to the coffee pot (and the refrigerator) and often has enough unused space to accommodate a small desk.  Don’t want to clutter the open area adding additional furniture?  Try pushing the desk against an unused section of the wall and borrow a chair from your kitchen dining set when needed.  If you have an extra small kitchen like I do, try converting a cabinet into an elevated home office.  The shelves keep everything organized…slide your laptop inside and when you’re ready to sit down and pay some bills, pull up a bar stool and utilize the counter space.  This is a great idea for apartment living!


MSN, The Decorologist, Kitchen and Residential Design, Better Homes & Gardens

I hope this post has inspired you to show your kitchen some love…take some time to reclaim that space in your home and enjoy it!

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