Aromatherapy…6 Things you Didn’t Know Your Candles Could Do


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Candles can instantly change the mood in your home from cool and dark to warm and inviting…but did you also know that burning certain scents can change your mood, as well?  Try keeping a few different varieties around your home for ambiance and aromatherapy.


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Vanilla:  Comfort and relaxation.

Great companion to a warm blanket and good book, this scent is perfect for winding down at the end of the work day.




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Lavender:  Stress and Anxiety Relief.

This scent is perfect for bedtime.  Try getting this in tea light form and setting a small votive on your bedside table.  Light it a few hours before you turn in and let the stress melt away while you fall asleep.




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Jasmine:  Sensuality.

Light this on his side of the bed : )





Sandalwood:  Assists in Meditation.

Get the most out of your yoga session at home or light this during your morning devotionals.  Breath deep and let your mind and body relax.

Shamrock Candles

Citrus:  Mood Elevator.

Try placing these around your home during a dinner party or book club meeting to encourage conversation and lighten the atmosphere.




The Yellow Cape Cod

Coffee:  Awakens the Senses.

Perfect for the morning; keep a hurricane in your bathroom filled with coffee beans and light your candle as you’re getting into the shower.



Leave a comment and let me know if these scents worked for you!

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