Throw Pillows…Incorporating Color and Pattern


Better Homes & Gardens

Throw Pillows should be your best friend when it comes to changing up the decor of your living room or bedroom.  Why?  Because they’re easily interchangeable and can instantly update the look of your room for little cost. If you have a light-colored bedspread or can invest in a white cover for your couch you have even more versatility; use the pillows to bring color into your space while maintaining the clean, streamlined look of a white or neutral base.

When you’re looking for pillows remember to keep things interesting by pairing different styles or patterns together…but make sure they share the same color scheme! Mixing colors and patterns can be overwhelming.

Here’s a little pillow inspiration…


West Elm

I LOVE these!  They incorporate all the pattern and color you can imagine, although for sure you would need a white or light neutral background to show these pillows off.  For a cost of $23 they wont break the bank and can finish off a shabby chic room nicely.




Cathycustompillows / Esty

Currently one of the most popular fabric patterns, Chevron is showing up all over the place.  It’s a great choice for a modern look but make sure to shop around for the best price.  A custom version like this will cost you $74.95 while websites like Overstock have them for around $28.




Mr. Kate

Don’t you love creative people?  Check out … beautiful pillows and inspiring design.  These pillows have so much personality you could build a room around them! Love it.

Personally, I love mixing patterns but there’s also something to be said for rich fabrics and matching design…beautiful.




Apartment Therapy

Don’t feel like switching out your pillows…why not embellish them?  I see these crochet flowers all the time in little boutiques…pick a few up and safety-pin them to your pillows for texture and fun.  Great Idea.

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