The Psychology of Colours…

The Psychology of Colors
The Psychology of Colors infographic
After posting the infographic on food & wine pairing yesterday I started to think about what a cool way this is to share information.  ‘Data Visualization’ relays info with pictures, and if you’ve ever been on Pinterest than you understand  how powerful that can be.
I started looking into infographics in relation to home design and came across this amazing one on the Psychology of Colours.  Did you know that painting a nursery yellow can encourage crying or that using lavender in your living room can help you relax?
If you’re about to embark on some Spring cleaning and possibly painting check this out.  Lots of little known, interesting facts about colors and the relationship they have to how we feel!
*On a side note, the website has an endless amount of these infographics on every subject you can imagine and makes it very easy to embed them on your blog or website.
Moms Know it All

Moms Know it All

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