Roasted Vegetables In 4 Steps…Food 52 Love Pt. 2

Current Food 52 ‘Not Recipe’

How to Roast Any Vegetable in 4 Steps

Food 52

Food 52

Cut Your Veggies and Pat Them Dry

Food 52

Food 52

Drizzle with Olive Oil, Seasonings of Your Choice and Salt.  Coat Each Piece Thoroughly

Food 52

. Food 52

Throw Your Veggies on Parchment Paper.  Set Your Oven to Somewhere Between 400 – 450 Degrees.  Flip Halfway Through Cooking.

Food 52

Food 52

According to Food 52, Roasted Perfection is Indicated By a Crispy Outside and a Soft Inside; about 45 Minutes for Root Vegetables at 400 degrees.


Food 52

Food 52


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