5 Last Minute Easter Ideas…

By now your Easter baskets are full (well, maybe) and you have a menu put together for your Easter meal (possibly), but just in case you’re still in planning mode for tomorrow here are a few excellent last-minute Easter ideas.

#1.  DIY Ombre Tablecloth

Lauren Elise Crafted

Lauren Elise Crafted

What you’ll need:

1.  White Tablecloth

2.  Spray Bottle

3.  Water/Fabric Dye

Hang your tablecloth from a clothesline and start spraying!  More on the corners and less as you make your way to the middle.  Let dry and voila!  This would be beautiful with a purple or pink dye for Easter.

#2.  Fresh Fruit Beverage

My Recipe

My Recipe

There’s nothing like fresh flowers and fruits to bring the feeling of Spring and Easter onto your table.  Consider making a Sangria or a non-alcoholic punch and serving it with sliced fresh fruit.  Here’s a great recipe  to get you started!

White Sangria


  • 6 cups Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc
  • 1/4 cup superfine sugar
  • 1 cup white grape juice
  • 1 ripe nectarine, pitted and cut into thin wedges
  • 1 tangerine, thinly sliced
  • 1 cup seedless white grapes, halved
  • 1 cup club soda


  1. In a large pitcher or other container, combine the wine and sugar and stir until the sugar dissolves. Add the remaining ingredients, excluding the club soda, and mix well. Place the pitcher in the refrigerator and let the sangria sit for at least 1 hour (and up to 4 hours). The sangria will sweeten with time, so the longer it sits, the better. Just before serving, stir in the club soda and ice cubes.

#3.  Calligraphed Eggs

Oh Happy Day

Oh Happy Day

Add a splash of sophistication to your eggs with these adorable templates from Oh Happy Day.  If your crafty enough, do your own calligraphy and use these as place settings!

#4.  Easter Candy Centerpiece

Under the Table and Dreaming

Under the Table and Dreaming

Do something useful with the beautifully colored jelly beans and bright yellow peeps this season and create a unique Easter centerpiece to display on your table.

#5.  Remember What It’s all About



When Easter dinner is cleared and dessert is plated throw in The Passion and keep the day in perspective.  End your Easter holiday being thankful for the sacrifice made for you and celebrated on this day!

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