How to Create a Vision Board…Keeping Your Goals in Focus

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad

Most days I have a million different thoughts running through my head; what to make for dinner, what bills need to be paid, Dr.’s appointments, birthday parties, work…there’s no room left for inspiration.  No time to set goals and focus on accomplishing them!

Enter the vision board.  It’s like Pinterest with a little elbow grease.  The purpose of this practice is to set in front of you long-term goals that are easily forgotten in the grind of day-to-day life.  They’re not magic; they don’t make things happen but they remind you that you want to make things happen.  For instance, your creating your vision board and you paste up a picture of a beautiful plate of food; you want to learn to cook.  You pass by this picture everyday and the next time you get an invite or a flyer in the mail for a cooking class your inspired and sign up!  Having a visual reminder of your goals and desires give those goals priority and help you focus your energy on accomplishing them.



There are lots of techniques for assembling a vision board and several ideas on what the purpose of your vision board should be.  One of best articles I’ve read is ‘What the Heck’s a Vision Board – And How Can it Change Your Life?’ by Martha Beck.  Here are a few things that you’ll definitely need and the basics of putting your board together.

#1.  Get some magazines…lot’s of them!  Tear out any pictures, headlines or captions that speak to you and set them aside.  Have fun with it; don’t focus on collecting anything specifically just go with what you’re passionate about.

#2.  Sort your collection into groups.  If you’ve found yourself gravitating towards words and pictures that promote a healthier lifestyle consider dedicating a portion of your vision board to that goal and so on.

#3.  Get a cork board and start pinning!  Once you’ve determined what you’re passionate about and what your goals are start pinning up your pictures.  With pins and a cork board your vision board can grow and change with your goals.

#4.  Display your board in an obvious place – one that you’ll see often throughout the day.

*If you have a vision board or have any tips for putting one together I would love to hear from you!

3 thoughts on “How to Create a Vision Board…Keeping Your Goals in Focus

  1. What an absolutely wonderful idea!! At this stage of the game, I forget EVERYTHING! My focus is shot and multitasking is just about impossible w/o dire consequences! I am going to do this in small measure and work my way up. We are trying to get our house ready to sell, keep up my soap biz and juggle family visits. Thanks Sara, this is gonna help!

  2. I’m so glad you like the idea…I can’t wait to get mine started! I think it will be really helpful to have that visual reminder around to help keep priorities straight and to stay encouraged. You’ll have to send me a picture of yours 🙂

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