Champagne Mint Juleps…Classy Mother’s Day Cocktail



In a ‘Toast to the Great Gatsby’ the Kitchn is featuring a recipe for Champagne Mint Juleps; a nod to the 1920’s and a celebratory Mother’s Day cocktail all in one.  It’s fun and nostalgic and looks beautiful – perfect for an outdoor brunch this weekend!  If your mother-in-law is coming, too… make it a double.  Just kidding : )



The author suggests a specific champagne:  Cavicchioli 1928; under $15 a bottle chosen for its creamy bubbly nature and peach nectar perfume.  If this brand is too hard to come by, try substituting with a sparkling Moscato.



via theKitchn

My Champagne Mint Julep

Serves 1

3-4 fresh mint leaves
1 1/2 ounces bourbon
3 ounces of Cavicchioli 1928, Sparkling Wine, NV, very well chilled

In a champagne flute, add the mint leaves (twisting them as you add to release their flavor and aroma) and the bourbon, and muddle with the end of a spoon. Top with the chilled Cavicchioli and enjoy.

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