10 Must Try Spring Things!

Who doesn’t love Spring?  The days are longer, the colors are brighter…you can finally turn off the heat and open the windows…it’s great.

Here are a few of my favorite ways to bring Spring in doors and pretty yourself…and your house up in the process.

#1. Spring Candles

I burn candles all winter long.  I think most of us do.  There’s something about the flame and the warm glow that makes the house feel comfy.  The same can be true for Spring… and Bath & Body Works has incredible Spring scents.  Honeysuckle from the 2015 line was one of my favorites!

#2. Wildflowers

I love Wildflowers; so much more so than standard tulips and flower store arrangements.  If you have access to a local nursery, pick some up and bring them inside!  Wildflowers are so simple and look effortlessly beautiful in just a cup of water or a simple vase.  Try leaving a few small collections of them around the house in the bedroom and bathroom areas.

#3. Spring Artwork

I have a few standard pieces of art that I leave up in the house all the time.  A new painting or watercolor, however can make a whole room feel brighter.  Try switching out your landscapes for a burst of color like in the piece below.  Esty is a great source for some original artwork…or maybe get crafty and paint your own!

#4. Spring Decor

If you’ve been on Pinterest lately you’ve no doubt seen blogs and websites offering free printables.  Have you given one a try?  You should.  You can pair the printable below with a super cheap clip board frame from Micheal’s and all your friends will compliment you on your crafting abilities.   Particularly if you followed the advise in #3 and painted your own artwork!  Don’t go overboard though…you’ll be decorating their houses next 🙂


#5.  Spring Pillows

Just like artwork, there’s nothing that changes the feel of a room like a few new throw pillows.  If you’ve found a pillow you love, don’t take it off the couch for the season; look for pillow covers online or at your closest IKEA.  New pillows bring color into your space without breaking the budget.

Here’s a super affordable one from Target.

#6.  Spring Photography

Use that iPhone for more than selfies…or another picture of your kids!  I cannot judge, I have thousands of both.  Here’s the thing though, your smart phone camera has some amazing capabilities and there are apps out there that you will make your photos look like works of art.  Take them to your local Walgreens and have them made into canvases rather than buying someone elses work.

#7.  Seasonal Cooking

Cooking with seasonal fruits and vegetables is just another way to feel like you’re bringing the outside indoors.  Citrus fruits and bright flavors pair really well with white wine and dinner on the back porch.  This Creamy Lemon Chicken Picatta would do the trick!

#8. Spring Lip Colors

Who said decorating is just for the house!  Spring color is beautiful everywhere…especially on you.  Try switching out the darker lip stains that were popular this winter for bright pastels in pretty peaches and pinks.  I stumbled on this website for the best of the drug store brands and it’s addictive.  Enjoy reading through her helpful makeup posts.

#9.  Spring Skirts

Update your wardrobe this Spring with a few floral skirts.  They do just as well in the office as they do around town on the weekends.  I love a floral skirt with a fitted white tee and strappy sandals.  Really feminine and flirty.

#10.  Spring Cleaning

I saved this one for last because no one likes doing it…but it feels so good when it’s done!  I love this list because you can follow it in steps instead of trying to clear out everything in a weekend…and it’s not only space saving but money saving as well.  Great list.

Thanks for reading along…hope this was helpful to you this Spring Season!

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