What Color Should I Paint my Walls?

The first time we walked through our new home as potential buyers, our real estate agent said very plainly “…well, I can see why they don’t have any offers.”  Moving from room to room was like being transported back to the early 90’s…yellowy beiges and dark reds in terrible color combinations were everywhere.

What I saw was potential.  I am admittedly a ‘beach chic’ girl and I could envisage the walls in a light grey with white trim and our subtle beach themed décor highlighting the homes pretty structure (my husband on the other hand was siding with the agent).

I am not easily deterred and the day after closing, I had my sleeves rolled up and my paint brush (Purdy!) in hand.  The color I settled on was Lattice by Sherwin Williams.

dining room

family room

Lattice is like a chameleon.  In the full sun it looks pale and light with a hint of grey.  In the evening it seems to transform to a subtle shade of blue.  Whatever your design style might be – from ‘beach chic’ like me to contemporary, to cottage – Lattice takes on the hue of whatever surrounds it.  It’s the perfect backdrop for a subdued neutral scheme or the framework to make your bright colors pop. From the minute I put it on the walls, I was hooked!  I started with the family room above (after immediately removing those valences) and painted the whole first floor of the house.

new living room2


sitting room

new dining room

In a later post, I’ll dive into how I transformed this dining room from the scene of a horror film (scary red!) to the pretty, bright, inviting room it is now.  Thanks for reading!