Food and Wine Pairing Infographic…

Food Republic

Food Republic

I must be hungry; I am in a food mood at the moment and even if I weren’t this infographic just really deserved a post of its own.  How helpful is this?!?

Ok, must stop blogging and start cooking…after I print this out.

9 thoughts on “Food and Wine Pairing Infographic…

  1. Reblogged this on The Kitchen Invader and commented:
    Food and wine pairings used to be a luxurious activity. Well, that’s what I know. But these, days, many regular folks are seeing this as an interesting adventure of the palate. Many vineyards and restaurants offer food and wine pairing for the experience and for understanding the flavors involved.
    Here’s an infographic that simply illustrates the relationship and which food goes well with specific wine/s ~ courtesy of

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