Spice Pairing Chart…Adding Depth and Flavor to Your Meals



I’m a garlic salt, pepper, parsley and occasionally if I’m feeling adventurous paprika kind of girl – when it comes to seasonings and spices I’m admittedly clueless.  That’s why I was so excited to come across this chart from Adventures in Spice!  Once you have a basic understanding of what goes well with what, you can experiment with flavors and get on your way to making tastier, healthier dishes. 

Adventures in Spice

Adventures in Spice

4 thoughts on “Spice Pairing Chart…Adding Depth and Flavor to Your Meals

    • Not a thing wrong with that in my book! It’s the tumeric and tarragon and fennel that I never know what to do with or where to use – having something to reference might make that a little easier. I’m sure cilantro on fish is fabulous…and I can’t imagine an egg without salt 🙂

  1. What a fantastic idea! I’ve never seen a chart like this but I can tell it will be helpful in future as a rough guide. Love the top picture – thanks for sharing!

    • I haven’t either which is why I had to post it! For sure it’s not all you need to know about working with spices but as you suggested, it’s a rough guide to understanding them a little better 🙂

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